Many of us have the impression that Hong Kong is famous for Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries & mosques but this isn’t, as it also famous for churches. In fact, there are more than 8,70,000 people who follow Christianity. With such a good number of Christian populace, the presence of good churches isn’t a surprise. 

Hong Kong sees many visitors from different parts of the world every year. While people with leisure at their disposal prefer sailing others prefer quick journeys and take the aerial route such as Cathay Pacific.   

Here are those churches that are worth paying a visit when you’re in Hong Kong. 

Rosary Church

This is one amongst the foremost Catholic churches and looks amazing in its Gothic style. In 2010, the church was acknowledged as a Grade I Historic Building due to its architectural style. This church and the catholic population rose to prominence when China saw Boxer Rebellion. In 1903, Dr. Anthony Gomes, the catholic philanthropist gave about $20,000 to construct this church and Palmer & Turner designed it. The construction took about 2 years and was completed in 1905.

The church stands as a historical symbol for those who fought the Boxer battle.

St. Joseph’s Church

Built originally in 1872 the church witnessed a setback in 1874 owing to a typhoon. However, it was again consecrated in 1968 and was designed as a replica of a ship. Painted in teal blue the church has untold prominence in the Filipino community as it depicts Saint Lorenzo Ruiz’s style of wood sculpture. Ruiz was one amongst the chief saints of the Filipino community in the 17th century.

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church

This is in one way different as it isn’t an independent structure like other churches and is present in a multi-storied building owned by private people. The dazzling crystal beads that hang through the church’s huge skylight are worth watching. In 1950, the church owing to its increasing popularity was reconstructed and opened with the name Holy Souls Church. In the days that followed, it came to be known as Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church which is the present name.

St. Margaret Mary’s Church

This small church present at the Broadway Road is only small in construction but not in historic prominence of the catholic religion. Due to its heritage value, it found its place in the Grade II historical buildings list. Constructed in 1923, this beautiful church has Italian Basilica construction style with 4 Corinthian columns.

The church at present is famous for weddings and organizing cultural and welfare activities.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

This is one of the oldest and famous Anglican churches in the region and was established in 1937. This church including All Saints’ Cathedral and St. John’s Cathedral have garnered huge fame for design and services. It was found in 1890. The cathedral’s style and architecture is a mix of western Chinese design and traditional English methods. The church saw a few serious damages during the 2nd World War, however; repairs were done to give it the original look.

St. Benedict Church

Cardinal John Wu in 1987 divided the Shatin region into 3 parishes and named them as St. Benedict Parish, Blessed Martyrs of China Parish and St. Alfred Parish. Mr. Wu in 1993 established the St. Benedict Church which in later years turned into a strong camp for Christian missionaries. Presently this is one amongst the top churches in the city.

St. John’s Cathedral

This church is really the busiest if not for anything else at least for its location. The cathedral is in the prime region and surrounded by Bank of China Tower, HSBC Building and many other Govt. offices. As it is one amongst the primitive western ecclesiastical constructions in the area it is designated as one of the monuments of Hong Kong. Very next to this cathedral there’s a Memorial Cross built in honour of departed soldiers during the First World War.

Kowloon International Baptist Church

This church in Kowloon City was established in 1953 however, due to military conditions and China’s misconducts it was recognized as a church only in 1961. Before 1961 it was a chapel for 4 years. It is one of the English-speaking churches that conducts services without fail every Sunday.

St. Alfred’s Church

Catholic missionaries in 1953 took over an abandoned TV studio and turned it as a small chapel. During the 1950s it was called as Shatin Catholic Center however in 1954 it was renamed as the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. With growing catholic attendees another church was constructed with the help of pouring donations and was named as St. Alfred’s Church in 1977.

These are only a few churches we are naming and there are a lot more worth watching. What you need is time and patience to explore.